Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Amy Smart Topless...kind of

So, this is not her best look ever, but since I prefer not to look at other women's nipples, this makes me happy. Ish. Or something.

I've never understood the appeal of Amy Smart. I remember watching 'Road Trip' and thinking, 'really? Her?' (In an Anne/Egg kind of way).

She's filming something right now and is clearly not self conscious about her tata's because she's hanging out (with 'tude, might I add) with some bedazzled panties and some electrical tape.

I think this might be one of the weirdest photos I've ever posted.


Jaime said...

It's for the "Crank" sequel

Anonymous said...

You were a jealous cunt 5 years ago. I wonder if you are better now.

SaRaM23 said...

Nope. Worse with age.